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Soulcraft prides itself as being the most authentic shaping shop in the wake surf industry. Always regarded as the leader of performance handcrafted wake surf boards - our roots run deep in shaping and glassing boards; reaching back decades in the ocean surf board builder community, not years as a hobbyist experimenting on clients with board construction that misses the mark of elite surf craft.

With more models/shapes under our belt than most performance builders combined, Soulcraft pours its’ heart and soul into every model. From inspiration to design, each board is shaped to perform at the highest level. During this process we push the performance envelope of wake surf board design in the shaping bay - maximizing speed, agility, lift and pop. After several design iterations are crafted, testing begins to refine ride quality. Only the best feel and ride characteristics are allowed to pass before offering new model/shapes to our clients.

It’s and endless pursuit of excellence that reaches deep into the shapers soul, and Soulcraft is proud to deliver the pinnacle of performance wake surf boards so you can keep charging the endless wave

Soulcraft Wakesurf Boards

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