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How To Wakeskate

Wakeskating is a relatively new water sport that is like a cross between skateboarding and wakeboarding. A Wakeskate looks a lot like a wakeboard but has either a grip tape (like a skateboard) or EVA foam top instead of bindings. Wake Skates can be made either out of plywood like a skateboard or fiberglass like a wakeboard. When wakeskating, there are no bindings.

Wakeskate Shoes

If you are just learning to wakeskate, you can use a regular pair of old athletic shoes. If you plan to take up wakeskating, it is best to invest in a pair of wakeskate shoes. Wakeskate Shoes are designed to be lighter, not hold water, and dry faster than regular skateboard shoes while providing the traction and protection needed for wakeskating.

Wake Skating originally started when riders started putting skateboard grip tap on old wakeboards for fun. Now there is a variety of companies designing and building wakeskate boards. We usually see either people who have a skateboarding background or riders who have already become proficient wakeboarders drawn to wakeskating to add variety and challenge to their time on the water.

Getting Up on a Wakeskate

Getting up on a wake skate is actually very easy. The rider should just float in the water and push the board under the surface far enough to get stand on it. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Bend the knee on the front foot slightly more than the back foot so the tip of the board closest to the boat is closer to the surface of the water. When the boat starts moving, the pressure of the water flowing under the board will create lift and keep the board under the riders feet. Let the boat pull you up. Do not fight the pull of the boat.

The boat driver should drive similarly to pulling a wake boarder. You will not need as much throttle as is used when pulling water skiers. Boat speed should be in the high teens to low 20's depending on ability. One of the great things about wakeskating is that you can do it behind a PWC, Pontoon, as well as most boats. You do not need as much pulling power as you do would with a water skier.

Now you know how to wakeskate. All you need is practice, practice, and more practice. offers a huge selection of Wakeskates for Sale with Free Ground Shipping.

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